Cat Mario Will Appear in The Super Mario Bros Movie

cat mario

We have no idea if we’ll be getting a new look at The Super Mario Bros Movie during the Super Bowl on February 12, but if not, at least they gave us a new scene during the final playoffs game earlier this week. The full spot appears below:

It’s another version of the scene that played out in another trailer where, for some reason, Mario is forced to enter a gladiator tournament against Donkey Kong. He proceeds to get the mushrooms beaten out of him (contrary to what usually happens) but in THIS clip, he finds a way out of it: by grabbing an item from one of the mystery boxes floating over the match.

Mario initially seems pleased with his new feline attire, but the reaction from DK and the audience indicates the item is more of a booby prize. “YOU GOT THE CAT BOX!” he exclaims, laughing and pointing at the poor plumber, before quickly shifting mood and declaring “now you die.”

Donkey Kong’s line is the first we’ve ever heard from Seth Rogen as the ape, and it elicited a fresh round of disappointment from the Internet when they found out he just sounds like Seth Rogen. We should have seen that one coming, though. Seth has played a lot of animated characters by this point, and almost all of them are the same voice. Kotaku also pointed out Nintendo has never had a consistent official voice for DK.

What’s becoming apparent about The Super Mario Bros Movie is that it will be crammed with references to just about every game Mario has appeared in. The direct ref to Super Mario 3D World is a bit unexpected, as that game wasn’t much of a success (due to debuting on the Wii U). The gladiator scene as a whole is one giant reference to Smash Bros. To the movie’s credit, nothing feels forced or desperate.

Illumination’s Super Mario Bros Movie premieres April 7. If there’s a Super Bowl ad, we’ll also post that one.

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