Adult Swim Fires Justin Roiland From Rick And Morty

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Oh geez! Ever since a reporter for NBC News uncovered charges of domestic violence against Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland, we wondered what they could mean for what is currently the most successful cartoon on TV. This afternoon we got our answer: Adult Swim is officially cutting their ties with the creator, and the roles of Rick and Morty will be recast.

The charges against Roiland include “one count of domestic battery with corporal injury and one count of false imprisonment by menace, violence, fraud or deceit.” NBC News reported that “Details of the case, including police body camera footage, police reports, abuse investigation reports, medical reports and recordings of interviews are currently being withheld from the public under a protective order.” Roiland has pleaded not guilty and his next court hearing is scheduled for April 27. He should have the spare time.

Rick and Morty, however, is far from the only thing carrying the Roiland label these days. The man was growing an empire for himself with multiple animated programs on several outlets as well as Squanch Games, the video game studio responsible for Trover Saves The Universe and High On Life, two titles selling themselves solely on the Roiland “feel.” There’s a lot that’s in question right now, and a lot of people nervous about their jobs. (UPDATE: Roiland has resigned from Squanch.)

Roiland also created Solar Opposites for Hulu, currently renewed up to its fifth season. Hulu has yet to mention what their next move is, but what AS just did sets a precedent, and we can’t imagine Hulu’s parent company Disney will turn a blind eye where WB didn’t. Another Hulu show, Koala Man, just premiered this month, but it’s the creation of Michael Cusack, with Roiland supporting the show in a producer role. Hulu played up the Roiland connection in all their promotions for Koala Man, which was an unfortunate move in hindsight. (Give the show a chance.)

Rick and Morty is currently in the middle of a massive 70-episode order that should keep the show on the air through at least season 10, no matter who’s in charge. Dan Harmon will remain unless he does something stupid too.

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