Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur Finally Arrives February 10

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

Disney and Marvel have been teasing the animated cartoon Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur for a looooong time. We haven’t posted anything about the last 20 mini-trailers they’ve put up because none of them promised we’d be getting the show anytime soon. But this one…THIS one reveals we might actually see the thing, as quickly as within the next month.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is based on the fairly new Marvel comic of the same name by Brandon Montclare and Amy Reeder. The comic and show revolve around Lunella Lafayette, the smartest 13-year-old in the entire world, who, while experimenting in her lab one night, accidentally beams a T-Rex into her room and cannot get it back home.

Fortunately for her, the meat-eating dinosaur views Lunella as more of a friend than a meal, and they quickly become partners…and superheroes. They realize with his brute strength and her knack for inventing amazing gizmos, they could become a real force for change in NYC. What do they call themselves? See title.

We’re not certain just yet that Moon Girl and her red dino will be something folks older than thirteen will be interested in (her constant “OOOOO GIRL” sassiness could get irritating after a while) but we can admire this about it: of all the TV shows that have tried to imitate comic books, this one comes the closest. Every frame of this two-minute trailer is bold and dynamic enough to be framed as an actual action panel. The art has a lot of style.

After a lot of delays, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur will finally be premiering on the Disney Channel February 10. For those who’d rather watch it without ad breaks and a logo in the right corner, episodes will begin appearing on Disney+ just five days later, on February 15. Will MG and DD soar like Spider-Man or flop like Velma? We’ll find out.

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