The Owl House: For The Future Premieres January 21

owl house

The current story floating around out there is that Disney never realized The Owl House was such a hit until the moment they put the first of the three specials, “Thanks To Them,” on YouTube. Viewing numbers instantly climbed into the millions and took execs off guard, even though a quick social media search would have given the same proof. That evidence was noticed, but apparently handwaved because “anything can trend on Twitter.”

It’s knowledge gained too late. The damage is done. It’s too late to go back and reanimate everything as a proper third season. Just be grateful a truncated version of it exists at all. Life can be harsh.

But perhaps not as harsh as it is on the Boiling Isles right now. Season 2 ended with a dastardly being called The Collector being released from his prison. It was a Hail Mary plan from King, who saw no other way to stop Belos from destroying everything. Thanks to that Faustian deal, the enchanted inhabitants of the Isles are alive, but probably not happy.

Anyone unfamiliar with how this place is supposed to look might not be caught off-guard by how it looks NOW — Luz’s mother, Mrs. Noceda, is enthralled with the cutesy makeover — but everyone else knows the Boiling Isles aren’t SUPPOSED to be cute and they have to find a way to make them ugly again!

Easier said than done. The Collector, though mentally a child, will be the most powerful foe they’ve ever faced. He’s turned nearly everyone into his slave, except for King, who he keeps around his bed as an unwilling pet. The only person he couldn’t cute-ify is Eda, who remains as hideous as ever in her already-transformed beast state.

It may take two entire specials to undo this mess. Enjoy this brand new, never before seen Owl House adventure, because there aren’t many left. The special premieres on Disney Channel Saturday, January 21.

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