Watch The Full Trailer For Animaniacs Season 3

animaniacs season 3

It’s T minus one month until the third season of Hulu’s Animaniacs, which the full trailer released today makes blatantly clear is the final season. This is all that will be, so they’ll have to make it count.

Without an official synposis we can only guess what we’re getting by examining the many chaotic clips that make up the trailer below. Our guesses: the Warner sibs will plot a grand escape from the tower after being locked in seemingly permanently, and apparently be wolf creatures in one short for some unexplained reason. The Brain will parody Mad Max: Fury Road and become some kind of medieval wizard, while Pinky will become an influencer (again).

Hulu’s Animaniacs has mostly been a pared down version of the original series, with just the Warners and Pinky and The Brain making regular appearances. No one else from the original has shown up, except in one satirical episode explaining their absence. It was implied at the beginning that a series of new short subjects would be taking their place, but there hasn’t been much of that either.

According to showrunner Gabe Swarr, this wasn’t exactly the intent. He claims the team actually had a lot of ideas for new shorts in the Animaniacs universe, but could not get the majority of them approved at Amblin. He’s currently NDA’d from elaborating further, but hopes those ideas can get out someday. The “Rejected Animaniacs Characters” sketch from Season 2 was their way of making fun of this, though none of their actual ideas were in that cartoon (or were that bad).

Swarr also admits that, even though the team was told of their impending cancellation a year in advance, these fancy HD episodes of the show take so long to make that there was little they could do for a true sendoff. “The worst part was when we were told, all of the writing was completed and into production. We tried to sandwich in an ‘ending’ as production would allow,” he tweeted.

But don’t be sad that it’s ending…be glad that it happened. The final season of Animaniacs premieres with all ten episodes February 17 on Hulu.

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